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Dare to Love Yourself

This workshop consists of a facilitated process of discussions, coaching and mini-lectures aimed at empowering participants to love themselves in unprecedented ways. Participants will break through their “story” and release their holdbacks so that they experience complete self-love and total self-acceptance. A loving environment for self-discovery, awareness, forgiveness, and healing is created in this workshop. This is a powerful opportunity for all, who have entered, to refuel their ‘love’ tanks and be a 100% for themselves and their loved ones. 

So I’ve Got Self-Love, Now What?

This workshop will support participants in learning how to navigate life from a place of unconditional self-love and total self-acceptance. Let’s face it, life happens and even when we’re at the height of SELF-LOVE – – KNOWING, LOVING and EXPRESSING ourselves – – we have our OFF days! Those moments in time when we doubt ourselves, regret our choices, forget our worthiness or lose sight of our vision. It’s bound to happen at some point but as long as we snap back to self-love, all that we desire is ours for the taking!  You will leave with powerful tools and key distinctions for PERSEVERING through life’s challenges AUTHENTICALLY!

Rising Up: A Love-Powered Approach to Your Next Level

Have you ever made a career move, or life choice, as a result of someone else’s vision for you? Like your parents, partner or peers? Would you like a surefire approach to ensuring every step you take in your relationships, career, leadership roles and community, is authentic and fueled by love? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop that will give you insight and tools for rising up in your life, the way you truly desire!

Own Your Worth: Navigating Life Knowing You Matter!

In an era when women are being called to speak out, show up and lead, it’s time for us to own our worth in all ways. Sometimes the outer happenings of the world make it challenging to do so. It’s true, things like trauma, drama, financial adversity, body changes and workplace stress, can absolutely affect our choices, behaviors and actions. Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop where we will learn how to overcome even our greatest triggers honestly, openly and effectively. Come discover how to communicate your truth in a way that honors yourself and in doing so, trickles love into the very situations that need it the most! 

Own Your Dignity

It is never okay for someone to hit you! And did you know it is equally as unacceptable for someone to hurt you with their words? Or intimidate you? Or manipulate you? Sometimes without even knowing it, we give permission for others to treat us in ways that don’t serve us and before we know it we find ourselves living in situations or circumstances that are unrecognizable and undesirable. Come discover how to own your power and command the respect you deserve in all areas of your life! We will explore our relationships whether they are with our children, intimate partner, mother, father, boss, friends or ourselves to understand and remove the obstacles in our way of enjoying mutual respect and unconditional love. You will leave with five powerful tips on how to live a dignified life!

The Gift of Vulnerability

Do you have a tough exterior because you’re tired of being judged, criticized or hurt? Do you get your defenses in place before expressing yourself? Or do you just fake it to avoid sharing who you truly are? Join Anita Ross for this interactive workshop, to discover the beauty that occurs when you open yourself up to people, no matter how scary, intimidating or uncomfortable it may be! Come learn that vulnerability can, in fact, equate to BEING POWERFUL and you no longer have to avoid it like the plague. You will leave with five powerful tips for creating amazing results in your life, by tapping into the gift of vulnerability.

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful! Is that what you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you believe it at your core? Come experience the clarity that comes when you simply know how beautiful you really are. Discover what it’s like to be uninfluenced by what society deems “beautiful” and to create your own definition. Let’s ensure the “eye of our own beholder” is fortified with love, celebration and gratitude for your own unique beauty.

Cracking the Code to Self-Esteem

Are you a woman who’s heard a million times that you’re not making the best choices? Whether it be in your relationships, your career and even your well being? Or have you told yourself this a million times but still ignored it? Have you watched your self-esteem take a nosedive each time? Are you ready to achieve an inner awareness and confidence that you are done with choices that don’t serve you, no matter what? Anita Ross is bringing her workshop “Cracking the Code to Self-Esteem” to support you in doing the inner work it takes to love yourself like no one else can! Come learn the distinctions that will get you off the self-esteem roller coaster and open you up to being your OWN influencer! Explore what it takes and how it feels to know you are worthy no matter what your circumstances are, how others perceive you or what you have experienced in the past. Learn how a healthy self-esteem supports you in making choices that move you in the direction of your dreams!

What is a Thriving Intimate Relationship For You?

Are you in a relationship for all the right reasons or are you staying because you’re afraid to leave? Ladies, let’s take our dating and relationship talk to the next level with Anita Ross. Let’s have a candid conversation about our readiness and willingness to be in a healthy relationship. We will learn the key distinctions of a thriving intimate relationship so you can discover where you truly are on your journey to manifesting one in your life. Bring all your dating and relationship questions, concerns and success stories to this workshop.

Break Through Your Fears!

What is your biggest fear? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of success? Do you fear you’re not enough? Or that you will never be loved just as you are? Are your fears getting in the way of living the life of your dreams? Come break through the chokehold your fears have on you and take back your power! We will discover that our fears are surmountable and, in fact, not as scary as we make them out to be. You will leave with a five step process for conquering even your biggest fears!

How to Know When It’s Time Let Go

Is your team, in the game of life, comprised of supportive, loving and forwarding people? Or are you settling for a subpar team? Are the relationships in your life authentic, forwarding and equally yolked? Or are you pretending, holding yourself back or carrying too much of the load? Is each experience, you choose, worthy of your time, energy and attention? Or are you unconsciously going with the flow? Join Anita Ross to discover how to let go of all that simply does not serve you! Come learn how to release those relationships, experiences or things that are no longer serving you and transform those that simply require an upgrade. You will leave five powerful steps to letting go of outdated attachments and ensuring you are surrounded with all that is truly meant for you!

What’s self-Love Got to Do With It?

Are you in the practice of giving others the opportunity to truly fall in love with you? Are you on a quest for real love? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop to discover what it takes to manifest true love in all your relationships. How many times have you heard something like “you can’t love someone else until you love yourself first”? Come find out, once and for all, what this really means. You will walk away with a three step process guaranteed to create authentic, unconditional and joyous love in all of your relationships.

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Do you forgive yourself even when you make the same mistake more than once? Or do you beat yourself up about it? Do you believe you can stop the cycle of poor choices? Or do you think it’s a hopeless case? Join Anita Ross in discovering the power of forgiving yourself and get rid of guilt and shame, like no kidding! We will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of being “unfairly self-critical” and release the chokehold it has on our authenticity. You will leave with five powerful tips for getting to the freedom of self-forgiveness with ease and grace.

Loving Your Body Now

Are you satisfied with your health and fitness? Does your body perform the way you want it to? Do you enjoy how your body looks and feels? Or have you given up on having your dream body? Join Anita Ross to discover that no matter what age or stage you’re in, health and fitness is essential to your serving your loved ones, the world and most importantly yourSELF. We will learn what underlying beliefs stand in our way from achieving our best body, now! You will leave with five powerful tips for ensuring your body is a true reflection of your authentic self.

The Art of Trusting

Do you have trouble trusting? Have you been hurt before and don’t want to go there again? Do you get discouraged or even give up when things don’t go your way? Join Anita Ross to discover the power of trusting the process! We will release our need to control all things and the erroneous idea that we are only as good as our results. Come discover how to stop making up that your disappointments mean you’re “less than” and recognize they are simply meant to reveal more of who you are. You will leave with five powerful tips for trusting that with every breakdown comes a breakthrough!

What are you a stand for?

Do you avoid conflict like the plague? Are you afraid to share your feedback, thoughts and ideas? Do you know when its time for you to intervene? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop and discover your authentic voice. Come experience the difference you make when you take a stand for what you believe in, no matter how scary it may be! Embrace the love that will prevail when you use authenticity as your roadmap to knowing when it is yours to do!

Are you in the DRIFT?

Are you living in the drift? Is your life on automatic? Do you find yourself watching life happen instead of being an active participant? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop to get your life off automatic! Come experience living each new moment with the freedom, joy and excitement that occurs by simply being authentic! Then watch how it unfolds in your relationships, your career, your finances, your health and more. We look forward to going on this adventure with you!

Who’s identity have you assumed?

Have you lost your identity? Has your name become synonymous with Mom, Wife or Caretaker? Have YOU gotten lost in your day to day responsibilities? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop and discover what roles and responsibilities you are hiding behind. Experience the freedom of knowing you are more than what you do and who even your children, spouses and parents know you to be!

Are you in integrity with Yourself?

Are you avoiding that big audacious goal because its unrealistic, impossible or just too scary? Are you sitting on a dream because the timing isn’t right? Is it causing you to break promises you have with yourself? Join Anita Ross for this powerful workshop if you know it is time to start giving yourself the respect of keeping your word! Come discover how to be in integrity with what is yours to be, to do and to have. Don’t make another short-lived resolution, come to this workshop to learn how to make them stick!

Stretching Your Dreams Beyond the Making!

Kick off the New Year “Stretching Your Dreams Beyond the Making!” This workshop is dedicated to solidifying our declarations, commitments and big scary audacious goals! We will discover that no matter how much your knees shake at the thought of achieving your true desires, when you live from your “mean” – – that place of relentless self-love and total self acceptance – – you no longer just talk about your dreams you LIVE your dreams!

Facilitating “Rising Up: A Love-Powered Approach to Your Next Level”

Book Launch of “Mean Time Love: So I’ve Got Self-Love, Now What?”

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Anita Speaking on a Huffington Post Panel in 2019

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RETREATS (Length: 1-2 Days Depending on format)

The Mean Time Love Retreat

This transformational retreat designed specifically for women to discover who they are, fall in love with who they are and be who they are…like NO KIDDING, will take place at Unity of Sacramento. Together we will LEARN, LAUGH, EXPLORE, DISCOVER, HEAL, FORGIVE and maybe even shed a tear or two, all in a safe, loving environment designed for you to GO TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL!

You will get to KNOW, LOVE and EXPRESS yourself like never before. Come discover how LOVING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF leads you to the life of your dreams no matter what you’ve been through, what other people think of you or what circumstances stand in your way! 

You will leave with new awareness, distinctions and tools for achieving UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE and TOTAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

The "So I've Got Self-Love, Now What?" Retreat

This transformational retreat answers the question, “So I’ve got self-love, now what?” It is the SEQUEL to the Mean Time Love Retreat. It’s a powerful experiential retreat that will support you in navigating life from your MEAN – – that place of unconditional self-love and total self-acceptance – – like no kidding! Let’s face it, life happens and even when we’re at the height of SELF-LOVE – – KNOWING, LOVING and EXPRESSING ourselves – – we have our OFF days! Those moments in time when we doubt ourselves, regret our choices, forget our worthiness or lose sight of our vision. It’s bound to happen at some point but as long as we snap back to our MEAN, all that we desire is ours for the taking!  

You will leave with transformative experiences, powerful tools and key distinctions for PERSEVERING through life’s challenges AUTHENTICALLY and prevailing right into the life of your dreams!

“I am an MTL graduate since 2009. I have participated as an assistant for Anita in subsequent workshops as well. The MTL journey is life-long and worth it! The most powerful aspect of the workshop was the mirror exercise! It takes self-love to another level. I won’t say too much, don’t want to spoil the experience for those who are newly participating. MTL is phenomenal! I still envision MTL traveling across the nation making a difference with its own lighted turquoise and purple marquee in Times Square and of course, the amazing Anita Ross right there!!”

Tari S.

Mean Time Love Graduate

“Before MTL, I use to say to myself and others,”I’m working on me…,” Although it sounded productive, I realized I yearned for more. MTL gave me the tools necessary to dig deep within and to love ME no matter what because I am an expression of God. I “get to” love myself through every circumstance,highs and lows, with the power of authenticity! Anita, thank you for being a blessing in my life and a bright shining light for this world. I you beautiful lady!.”

Joi T.

Mean Time Love Graduate

“The mirror exercise was extremely uncomfortable and powerful. It taught me that unless I am willing to face and embrace my whole self, I cannot be authentic in any situation. The overall message I learned in the seminar was, ” I am LOVE.” And unless I start loving myself, I cannot truly enjoy, welcome, recognize, or create the extraordinary life I deserve.”

Cintia G.

Mean Time Love Graduate