Continuing Education Unit Trainings

  with ANITA ROss

Stepping Into Leadership

This course takes participants on an interactive journey to the leader that resides within them. Through sharing, discussion, mini-lectures, inner discovery and guided exploration, participants will:

1. Learn about what leadership is and the many ways it shows up in the world.

2. Gain clarity about who they are and what they want.

3. Identify what they are truly passionate about and how they want to serve the world.

4. Open their eyes to the gifts, talents and skills they bring to the proverbial table. 

5. Build the confidence and willingness to share their voice in an unprecedented, powerful and love-driven way.

6. Tap into their inner leader and “own it” like never before.  

The world is craving new and fresh leadership. This course helps people find the leader within them and match it with a cause, no matter how big or small, that makes this world a better place.

Anita facilitating at the 2019 National Foster Parent Association Annual Conference 

Addicted to Love & Relationships

This course is designed to create awareness on relationship addiction and demonstrate the Recovery process through experiential content that makes it interactive and powerful learning.  Key Objectives are: Recognizing the Cycle of Relationship Addiction; Identifying how Trauma Influences Women’s Choices in Relationship; Cracking the Code to Self Esteem; Defining Healthy, Supportive, & Thriving Relationships; Sustaining Positive Life Choices, even in Challenging Times. 

Participants will be able to: 

Recognize the cycle of Relationship Addiction.

Understand who is at risk for Relationship Addiction.

Identify how trauma impacts the trajectory of people’s lives. 

Discover the impact of self-esteem on their relationship choices.

Define healthy, thriving relationships that are truly supplemental.

Sustain positive life choices, even in challenging times.

Consumnes River College “A Focus 4 Women” 2018 Annual Conference

Living Your Vision

This interactive course provides powerful tools, distinctions and worksheets for living the life of your dreams. 

It takes participants through:

 1. Discovery of their true desires 

2. Creating a vision for their life 

3. Removing obstacles in the way of achieving their dreams 

4. Making the commitment to having their vision turn out. 

5. Learning the significance of the journey not just the results. 

Living Your Vision Part II – This is a follow up course to above, that covers:

1. Is my vision turning out? 

2. Reigniting my commitment 

3. The power of perseverance 

4. The purpose of celebration  

Anita Teaching Future Social Workers at Sacramento State Univeristy 

Breakthrough Bootcamp

This course goes deep into forgiveness, dignity, courage and trusting.  Key objectives are to: 

1. Discover the true meaning of forgiveness and tapping into its power

2. Discover how to own your power and command the respect you deserve in all areas of your life 

3. Break through the chokehold your fears have on you and take back your power 

4. Learn how to stop making up that your disappointments mean you’re “less than” and trust that they are simply meant to reveal more of who you are.

2017 Exceptional Women of Color Conference

Let’s Talk Dating & Relationships

This course offers eye-opening, candid conversation about the freedom, fun and confidence that comes from loving yourself through all the twists and turns of dating and relationships. It takes participants through their own relationship readiness, what a healthy relationship is and how to own your relationship “drama.” Encourages the participants to throw away their book of relationship rules and learn to lead from the heart. 

Key objectives are to learn: 

1. The underlying beliefs that get in our way of having a healthy relationship experience and break through those influences 

2. Key distinctions of a thriving intimate relationship so you can discover where you truly are on your journey to manifesting one in your life. 

3. How to remove the obstacles that stand in our way of achieving a healthy approach to dating and relationships.

Anita Teaching Students at Consumnes River College