Anita Ross, LLC

Anita Ross, LLC

Anita Ross, LLCAnita Ross, LLCAnita Ross, LLC

Anita is an author, speaker & life coach, on a mission to empower women to wake up to their worth and love themselves fully.

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"MeanTimeLove is that dose of self-love, candid conversation and valuable coaching to stand in your power and fall back madly in-love with yourself. Anita, has put together a masterful piece of work!"

Lisa Nichols

Featured Teacher in The Secret,

Author, New York Times Bestselling Book, No Matter What!

"Anita Ross is a survivor, a lover of humanity and someone whose life experiences are relevant to women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. As a witness to her work, I've seen women walk in with fear and leave with power, confidence and a new outlook on their lives. Anita is 100% real and 100% uncondi- tional!"

Karina Iglesias

Grammy-Winning Recording Artist

“Anita Ross is “fierce,” tenacious, brilliant, kind, generous, and clear about who she is and what she was created to be. She is here to remind you of that same truth about yourself, and she does so in this book with the conviction and authority of one who has fallen, faltered, forgotten, and has gotten back up with a testimony and message to share that will change your life.”

Ester Nicholson 

Author of “Soul Recovery: 12 Keys To Healing Dependence”

“Anita Ross is brilliant, insightful and full of wisdom. Her honest approach makes one reflect and see themselves objectively which empowers you to take new ground and create new realities.”

Sylvia High

Founder and CEO of Aiming High, Inc.

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