The Mean Time Love Hub

It’s here! I’ve officially launched a new annual membership option called the Mean Time Love Hub!

This membership option will give you exclusive access to not only my latest webinar series entitled a A SIP of Self-Love that I developed while sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic but also access to all future videos, teachings, useful worksheets, tools, and everything else I release in 2021!  The very coolest thing is that you can download, watch, listen and/or participate on your own schedule!

A SIP of Self-Love  features a wide range of important topics like: 

  • What is Self Love?
  • What Gets In Our Way of Self Love
  • Releasing Your Past
  • The Art of Trusting
  • Living From Your Vision
  • Moving Through Loss
  • Loving Your Body Now

…and so much more!

The content that you’ll discover inside the Mean Time Love Hub members area will be created specifically to help women just like yourself who want to not only awaken to their own self-worth and value, but to also find out how to truly love themselves inside and out. 

This way you will not only learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, but also learn the tips, tricks and secrets to becoming your very best self, while also living the extraordinary life that you deserve.

The Mean Time Love Hub is also a place and space to reconnect with, or maintain, your self-love journey. It’s so important to stay in the conversation of self-love so we don’t veer off the path!

And just to get an idea of the kind of deal you are getting by becoming a member, the SIP of Self-Love webinars are offered on my online store as a standalone series for $49 each.

Now, instead of investing $49 for each SIP of Self-Love video webinar, you can access the entire 11-part series when you become an annual paying member of Mean Time Love Hub – for only $297 per year.

Once you subscribe today, you’ll not only get instant 24/7 instant access to the entire series, but you’ll also be able to download the series if you wish.