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The Mean Time Love Retreat

  • Are you a woman in a relationship that you know isn’t working for you?
  • Are you a woman struggling to have your voice heard?
  • Are you a woman who spends more time taking care of others than yourself?
  • Are you a woman who spends more money on clothes than you can afford?
  • Are you a woman who eats too much or who does not eat enough?
  • Are you a woman who is too busy to spend a moment alone?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you want to attend the Mean Time Love Retreat on Friday March 22nd 6:30pm-10:00pm and Saturday March 23rd 9am-8:00pm.

This transformational retreat is designed specifically for women to discover who they are, fall in love with who they are and be who they are...like no kidding! Together we will learn, laugh, explore, discover, heal, forgive and maybe even shed a tear or two, all in a safe, loving environment designed for you to go to your next level!

You will get to know, love and express yourself like never before. Come discover how loving your authentic self leads you to the life of your dreams no matter what you’ve been through, what other people think of you or what circumstances stand in your way!

You will leave with new insights, distinctions and tools for achieving unconditional love and total self-acceptance.

If you're ready, register today. It will be an extraordinary weekend!

Tuition includes curriculum, snacks, continental breakfast and so much more!

Register here!